Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Color Run

The Color Run is a traveling show that goes around the country putting on these 5k events in which people voluntarily dash through dense clouds of tinted powder, get it all over themselves and think it's fun. White tee shirts preferred. Time is a little short right now and I will explain more with additional posts.            

Friday, April 20, 2018

Really Bad Radio

I found this in the parking lot of Pere Marquette Lodge. There was a wedding and reception there on Saturday. Anyone could have been invited.

AM radio is in decline in the US. The sound quality has become really bad because of interference from mobile phones around the same radio frequencies. That means it is cheap to get a license outside of the biggest markets.

Never heard of KQQZ so I looked it up. Bi-state means Missouri and Illinois. From what's on its web site it seems appalling. Country music is fine, if that's what you like. (I've been to the Grand Ole Opry twice. Once I played fiddle on the wings of the stage during intermission but that's a long story.)   But from the looks of the car and the web site, well, say no more.

There is so much to shoot here this weekend. The Color Run is early Saturday morning, if I get my rear out on time. Saturday and Sunday bring both Earth Day in Forest Park and Chinese Culture Days at the botanical garden. My right index finger may need physical therapy by next week.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

Americans and probably Canadians of a certain age will immediately recognize the TV ad that made this phrase an earworm 40 years ago. The idea and image, like any icon, has many interpretations. This one was outside of Pere Marquette Lodge. It's not up my alley. Mom looks like she is exhausted from holding her giant mutant bunny.        

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

You know the reference. Me, Mrs.C, Emily and Ellie on our 44th anniversary at Pere Marquette Lodge. We wouldn't have needed help to keep us occupied if the weather hadn't been so rotten. Spring seems to be poking its nose in this week.     

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It Doesn't Look Significant, But It Is

That little spit of land is the confluence, the point where the Missouri (mid-ground) and Mississippi (foreground) Rivers meet. There is an awful lot of water passing through. You can drive almost to the junction and walk out to that tip unless the rivers are in flood.

The pictures were taken from the top level of the Confluence Tower in bad weather. It's the site of yesterday's picture with Ellie. The deck is 150 feet / 46 meters off the ground. Wish there had been more to see.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Madeleine Monday

One of the stops on our weekend mini-trip was the Confluence Tower. It is an a somewhat desolate spot on the Illinois side of the Mississippi, overlooking the juncture of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The visitor's center has one of the "birthday cakes" left over from the 250th anniversary of St.Louis' founding a few years ago. The words on the base refer to the drainage area of the two rivers and their many tributaries. I can just hear the cry going up: "We're number four! We're number four!"

Madeleine is allowed to choose her own clothing within certain loose parameters. On Saturday she was going for the spots look, including her Nepalese leopard hat. She wants to take dance lessons.    

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pere Marquette Lodge

Pere Marquette was a French Jesuit explorer who founded the first European settlements in Michigan and explored much of the upper Mississippi. He's a big name in this region.We spent the night at Pere Marquette Lodge, about an hour northwest of our home. It is just across the road from the Illinois river. Children, more than serious adult players, love the giant chess set.