Monday, September 25, 2017

Madeleine Monday

Haven't had the moppet on since we were in Michigan almost two months ago to see the other family division.  As mentioned, we took her downtown Saturday for a run through the splash fountains. This is in the recently rebuilt Kiener Plaza (I give it a C- but that's for another post). The jets go off in patterns that fascinate her. If she puts her foot over one can she suppress it? The playground wasn't too bad, either.

Later in the day she wanted to watch the several videos of her I have on my phone. I was editing pictures and she was slouched next to me on the broad arm of an easy chair.. After some time, I looked over and asked her, "Who's your favorite person?" She thought for just a moment, pointed to her chest and said "myself." No self-esteem problems here.   


Sunday, September 24, 2017


Back in the jurisdiction, as Jack might say. We took Madeleine downtown yesterday, where there are two children's splash fountains, one in Citygarden, one in the remodeled Kiener Plaza. The latter has a really nice playground. While standing there I saw this couple, obviously visiting town, taking a picture of a well known local monument from the wrong side. I'll explain that in a couple of days. The sort-of kanji shadow at my feet in the playground may or may have provided information.      

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Model By Chance

It's legal in the US to photograph anyone in public spaces with the usual restrictions on commercial use. It's not like that everywhere. (Don't photograph other people's kids in the UK without permission!) So when I was presented with someone else's model overlooking the Canyonlands bottom I took what was offered. 

Gotta get out on the streets of STL again this weekend. There are a couple of things going on.


Friday, September 22, 2017

Would You Drive This Road?

That dirt road is the Schafer Trail. It zig-zags down from the mesa on top known as the Island In The Sky to the floor in Canyonlands National Park, a drop of nearly a mile with sheer drop-offs throughout. We did it as passengers in a heavy four wheel drive vehicle. That was scary enough.             

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Black and white shots of the American west can be dramatic. Think Ansel Adams. He and I share a birthday but, um, the comparison ends there. And there is no point in considering a pattern since Kurt Cobain was born on the same date.

So, some attempts at B&W from Arches National Park. The improbable structure above is called Balancing Rock. No idea how it formed but it certainly suggests impermanence.

Do your own Rorschach test on the second pic. Some people thought of a lion, others of a Mesopotamian ruler. I think it looks like an English barrister with full wig who is about to unleash a mighty sneeze. And the third one? Maybe a microscopic illustration from a pathology textbook.     

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fiery Furnace, Or, Better You Than Me


There is a section of Arches National Park known as the Fiery Furnace, not because of its heat but due to the intense red color of the sandstone near sunset. As the signs indicate, you can go wander around the complex arrangement of stone fins and canyons but only with permission of the park rangers. You have to go along with them or prove you know what you are doing so they don't have to drag your sorry (and possibly deceased) butt out of there. 

The bottom picture gives some idea of what you are getting into but the link above makes the point much more clearly. I wouldn't go in there if the Seven Cities of Gold were inside offering to give me their debit cards and Trump promised to resign.