Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nice Light

Out of the office late yesterday afternoon . . . must - shoot - something. Felt like Frankenstein staggering around downtown in the cold, looking for something, anything. Turns out the sunset colors were gorgeous, the light as good as it could get. It hit the north wing of the Old Courthouse with perfect framing and the new lamps in Kiener Plaza added a nice touch.          

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Triangle, Sphere

Back at Laumeier for a bit. I really need to shoot some new material but I really need to go to work today. (It occurs to me that I am the oldest of four siblings and the only one who hasn't retired.)

This is a bit of clever geometry -  Mark di Suvero's Bonibus, which feels like a Calder made of steel beams rather than floating, amorphous planes. And then there is the all-seeing eye. Can you hide from it in the woods behind?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Yeah, Lots

Can we save American democracy?

Will the rich devour the poor? Will it lead to attempted revolution?

What is the president's appropriate diagnosis?

What are the odds that in 50 years a big percentage of current jobs will be automated and a chunk of Florida will be under water?

Will the Cardinals win the pennant next year?

Is this the best time in history to be old? And many more...

This golf cart was on the grounds of Laumeier Sculpture Park, I suppose to get the staff across its large expanse. The sign must be directed at visitors. It could, as the saying goes, open up a can of worms.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Beer Rocket

Schlafly Beer promotes itself as the second biggest brewery in St. Louis. It follows, of course, the one that makes Budweiser and related brands, which is larger by some orders of magnitude. Schlafly has two restaurant-pubs. This is the one on the edge of downtown. I'm sure this is some kind of brewing tank but it looks like a rocket about to launch a sudsy attack on the Illinois suburbs.

BTW, I like Schlafly's products way more than those of the local behemoth. I'm particularly fond of their K├Âlsch, beer made in the style of Cologne, Germany.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Giacometti At The Planetarium, Maybe

Other than Sunday night's moonrise I haven't been out shooting much.  So, I need to pick through recent inventory.  That's our planetarium (a pretty cool place). When I was driving around Forest Park looking for material, I found this sculpture, perhaps three times life size, outside the entrance. I didn't see any identifying information around it or on the web site but it sure looks like the work of Alberto Giacometti, right down to the oversized feet. Like the mission of the planetarium, the figure looks to the heavens and even seems to be stretching toward them. Appropriate, although it looks uncomfortable.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Supermoon Over Webster Groves

Mrs. C sent me a text as I was driving home Sunday that the moon had risen over the clouds. I got off the highway in Webster Groves, the suburb where we live, and pulled into a parking lot with an unobstructed view. Not crystal clear but better than when I was on the riverfront. A dark telephone pole gives a little accent.     

Monday, December 4, 2017

What I Could Get Of The Supermoon

I set up my tripod under the Arch beside the Mississippi, letting whatever emanates from the giant steel wicket penetrate my brain and camera. 5:11 PM, 66 degrees, the tables said. The day had turned from clear to hazy and, as the sky darkened, I could not tell how much cloud touched the eastern horizon.

Time passed and I was impatient. Finally, a dirty yellow light rose over Eads Bridge. The full moon was indistinct, wrapped in haze. This was the best I could do. A few minutes later it was completely covered in cloud.

Before I left I turned my lens across the river. Lots of gambling going on in and around this town.

The clouds pulled back as I got home to Webster Groves, more about which tomorrow.